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Afro-lifestyle Giveaway: a contest you don’t want to miss!

We all know African art is popping. And with retail brands catching onto its appeal in the marketplace – IKEA being the latest to announce collaborations with African designers for an upcoming product line – we think it’s high time we shone the spotlight on some of our favourite African artisans and makers by giving you the chance to grab some of their amazing creations. For free!

The Afro-lifestyle giveaway features five African brands that design, create and sell their accessories to customers and audiences both on and offline. We’ve cherry-picked a hotlist of home-deco heroes with compelling stories behind each brand as well as top quality unique items you’ll love. All you need to do is sign up for a chance to scoop these amazing pieces. Come on in, take off your shoes, get comfortable, and welcome home.

 Ayok'a, founded by Alice Gbelia, is on a mission to become the one-stop shop for artwork and accessories designed by Black artists. Currently selling a range of art prints and phone cases, Ayok’a is giving away a framed art print that the winner can choose from over 200 different designs. ‘Each piece of artwork has a story behind it that we share on our site’, says Alice. ‘We also interview every artist that’s part of our community, so they can share their inspiration and motivation. When you shop with Ayok’a, you not only help support an artist; you also find out the meaning behind what you buy.’

Another brand championing the meaning behind the making is Onua. Meaning ‘Siblings’ in the Ghanaian language Twi, Onua is the brainchild of brother and sister duo Emmanuela and Phillip Frimpong – bringing together the influences of their West African heritage with their West European upbringing, they’ve created a brand that explores the patterns and colours used in Adinkra symbols and Kente cloth. A vehicle for education, each piece is unique, fun and gorgeous. Onua will be giving away one of their Dutch-wax lampshades with a matching set of coasters. ‘A lampshade can act as a centre piece in the house’, says Emmanuela. ‘To walk in and have a stunning piece of art that displays the beautiful African colours excites us – we can’t wait to share this with the lucky winner.’


Abstract Man 2 Framed Print  
Abstract Man 2 Framed Print - Ayok'a Carissa Care Lampshade by Onua


Please, have a seat. This handwoven chair comes courtesy of Djilene Creations and bears the signature fishline structure seen throughout their collection. Designed in France and handwoven in Ivory Coast, this "TUUTI TANK" chair means "little foot" in Wolof, the most widely-spoken language in Senegal. Passionate about giving back, this creative team is all about legacy – Djilene Creations helps other artisans to earn a living as creative businesses, and actively invests in training up the next generation of young makers and future designers. ‘African lifestyle brands are generating growing interest’, says co-founder Michel Henry Dioh, ‘and it is our job to make it sustainable but not just a trend.’

Sitting comfortably? Something missing? A cushion, perhaps? Opouko uses the Kita cloth normally worn during major ceremonies and celebrations for making colourful cushions and linens. Their bright and bold products are inspired by ancestral weaving techniques handed down by master weavers for generations over hundreds of years, designed in France and woven entirely by hand in Ivory Coast.  Meaning ‘house’ in the Ivorian Abouré language, Opouko products bring a warmth that transforms the atmosphere of any living space; they’ll be adding a cushion to our stash of giveaway goodies. 'I’m French, Ivorian and in love with Africa,’ founder Lenaic Bladi says. ‘I tell my own story through Opouko, mixing French elegance with Akan recognized know-how – I'm happy to share these items that form a crossroads between modernity and ancient African craftsmanship.’


Cushion from Opouko  Tuuti Tank Chair by Djilene Creations
Luxury cushion by Opouko Tuuti Tank Kids chair by Djilene Creations


Any artist will tell you creativity is about taking chances. Puzzle of Nature is all about the unexpected delights, surprises and lessons learned from getting experimental. A handmade range of ceramics from kitchen items to vases, these decorative functional pieces are spun by hand on a potter’s wheel and are both food and dishwasher safe. ‘I’ve always wanted to do something other than my day-job,’ says founder Luyi Brown, ‘pouring my energy into something that I love. When I look at my heritage, women have always done this - had their own businesses, their own ways to make a living, to feed their souls, themselves and their families.’ Puzzle of Nature will be offering a set of handmade Raku tealight holders and a jewellery box guaranteed to help brighten up your windowsill, organise your trinkets, or provide candlelight to set the mood for a cosy night in…


Trinket Box by Puzzle of Nature 1 Trinket Box by Puzzle of Nature 2
Ceramic Trinket Box by Puzzle of Nature - Closed  Ceramic Trinket Box by Puzzle of Nature - Open


Excited? Us too! Follow this link and enter your email address for a chance to win these amazing prizes. You can get additional entries by sharing the link on social media:


The giveaway ends on Friday 23 November 2018

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