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Home Is: A one- bedroom flat with artsy finishing touches

A happy place, a sanctuary, a retreat, with Ayoka'sHome is ….. ” series, we look at what homes means to a new generation of black folks. Today, London-based plant lover, Eboni Dixon.

Eboni Dixon 1
On the wall: Palm Tree art print from Ayoka

A beautiful and stylish home decor often rhymes with expensive accessories unless you are a thrift lover like Eboni Dixon. The actor, singer, and blogger takes us on a tour of her mother’s basement garage converted into a light-filled one bedroom flat that bursts with taste and arty finishing touches.


About Me:

I’m Eboni Dixon, I am an actor, singer and blogger from London. I have lived here my whole life, with a couple of stints abroad as a child and whilst studying. I trained as an actor/performer my whole life, but when pursuing a career in the arts, there can be a lot of “down time” between jobs. That’s why I decided to start my blog in March 2016. I blog about fashion, travel and lifestyle subjects.

What I like the most about London

I love how diverse this city is. It is full of interesting people and personalities. I am also grateful for the opportunities available in London to those who seek them! London is also an extremely creative place and keeps me on my toes.

My home

I rent my apartment from my mum who converted her basement garage into a one bedroom flat when we moved here in 2004. She had other tenants whilst I was at boarding school and university, but I moved in after uni in 2013 and haven’t left!

I love that I live by myself and have my own space. This means I can sometimes feel lonely, but I definitely prefer it to sharing a house (from experience!) I love that I can style and furnish my space to my own taste. My living space can really affect my mental health so it’s nice to have control over that.

Eboni at Home Eboni Dixon at home 2


My style

My space has gone through a few “phases” over the years. It has evolved as I’ve become more interested in homeware and interior design. For example, my style was very “Cath Kidston, shabby-chic, cottage-vibes” when I was at uni, whereas now, I lean to a more modern, sophisticated, minimalist, Scandinavian style.

In terms of furnishing and decorating, I am very thrifty. As I live alone, I have no one to split costs with and I am a freelancer so have learned to save costs where I can! From charity shop finds, Free-cycle and Gumtree, there are loads of ways to create a nice space on a budget if you are patient!


How my heritage inspires me

I don’t necessarily look for specific Jamaican and Dutch pieces, however I do like to represent myself in other ways. From my travel postcards and magnets, to all my photo booth and polaroids with friends, I really like to reflect my life in my space.

My favourite things

Copper grid - This was a birthday present from my best friend a couple of years ago. It is from Urban Outfitters and is home to little memories and illustrations that I wanted to display.

Bookshelf details - I love my bookshelf and some of the knick knacks on it. For example the “boobie plant pot” from Monki and the record player. I also have a really cool Disneyland Paris photo viewer which is from my childhood.

Plants - I love the copious amounts of plants I have in my house. From my kitchen to my bathroom and living room, they’re literally everywhere! I try my best to keep them all alive and well, though we have sadly had some fatalities throughout my living here :(

Eboni Dixon - Copper Grid Eboni Dixon bookshelf
Coppper grid Bookshelf detail


Bare or decorated walls?

I have a minimalist style, but I like to hang art on some of my walls as a type of feature or accent to the room. For example, my picture wall in my living room or the art piece above my make up table.

I also love to do art myself. In my picture wall, I have two prints which I made myself - can you spot them?


Eboni Dixon Gallery Wall

Eboni's gallery wall

My favourite Ayoka Print

I chose Palm Tree by South-African illustrator and art director Thulisizwe Mamba. I love the minimalist/impressionist vibe of this print. I also loved the colour palette and tones used. The naked woman with her back to us seems to be heading towards a beautiful sunset, free of her clothes and her worries/burdens. I love that!

Eboni Dixon home 2On the wall: Palm Tree art print from Ayoka 

Tips for picking art

I would say, use your gut instinct. When looking at art, some pieces will jump out at you and some won’t. The ones that jump out will unusually resonate with you in some way and that’s a good place to start! Then think about the colours and how it will fit in your home. If you’re looking for inspiration, Instagram is full of some great homeware accounts. Find one that matches your taste and seek inspiration from that!

Home Is...

A place for me to express myself and feel cosy.


Follow Eboni: @eboni.dixon @eboniivoryblog
Read her blog: eboniiivoryblog.com

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