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How to pick art for your home

You’re ready for your space to make a statement. But how? A graffiti-style collage above your headboard, black and white photography for a hint of drama in dull hallway, or bold colour to compliment your carefully coordinated front room? With our top tips below, you’ll be on target for picking the right pieces for your place.


Framed Wall



Who doesn’t love those perfectly manicured pics of penthouse apartments on Instagram? No one, that’s who. But what about your own unique likes and dislikes? Remember those? Get to know your taste again – a good rifle through your wardrobe, dipping into your accessories drawer or noting the colour schemes in your environment can give you some key clues about your personal palette.

On our site, you can shop by colour, theme or style. You can also check out our gift guides for more inspiration!



It’s important to know how much space you’re working with before making that special purchase. Measure the walls you’re planning to hang your art on – taking photos is a good idea too, as this can help with picturing how the piece will look in your room.

We offer our art prints in different sizes: small (20x20 cm, 20x25 cm, 20x31 cm), medium (31x31 cm, 41x41 cm) to large (40x50 cm, 51x51 cm, 50x70 cm) to fit your needs.



Decide how much of a statement you want to make with the art you’re choosing; are you more about creating one main focus in the room to capture attention, or sprinkling in a few smaller understated pieces that compliment each other? Whatever direction you take, be sure to give each element enough space so your room doesn’t look overcrowded.



There are many ways to create brilliant contrasts by picking items that compliment and balance each other out; art with a contemporary feel can set off a classically decorated room really well, and vice versa. If you’ve chosen something bold, try going minimal with the rest of your décor.



It’s one thing to like an image – doing some research on the creative behind the work connects you to the source, opening up pathways to finding more great stuff you may end up loving. You can even try exploring your own local art scene, seeking out young artists who have a story to tell.

Or better still, sit back and let us do that for you: read our artists interviews and learn about their inpisraitons and motivations. This will help you make a more informed choice.



When a piece grabs you, you’ll know it’s the one.



Great lighting can be the icing on the cake that transforms the dim and underwhelming into its bold and vibrant best. When deciding where to hang your artwork, think about whether the natural light in the room will compliment it – or if you’ve got your curator hat on, add some mobile spotlights to create your own little gallery.


Hit us on social media with your tried and tested selection tips, or share photos of your prized pics hanging in all their glory at @ayokadeco

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