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Our platform presents work by emerging black artists. Your inspiration comes from your heritage or is rooted in your everyday life in Paris, Lagos, New York, Cape Town, New York or Toronto. Whether you are an illustrator, a painter or a digital artist, what is certain is that you have an aesthetics and references that are a bit different from that of the mainstream.

Ayok’a makes it easier for you to find a new audience of art lovers and design aficionados.

Unlike other print-on-demand sites, the art we offer is curated. You will be part of a handpicked group of artists we believe in and that we’re proud to promote. 



Get in touch and send us a link to a web page presenting your work. And tell us a bit about yourself: where you live and what inspires you.

Once you are selected as a featured artist on Ayok’a, you get to decide which products your art appears on. We have many categories already available - art prints, t-shirts, phone cases – and more coming up.

When you sell a product, we manufacture it, package it and send it to the customer. You have nothing to do other than make more art!


 Email us at artists@ayokadeco.com and start selling



As an artist, we understand that you need to ensure that your work is showcased only on high quality items. All our products are made in the UK by professional printers that are passionate about producing only the very best.

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You receive royalties each time a product is sold. The amount you earn depends on the product category selected and whether you sell your artwork exclusively on Ayok’a or not.

Our products are available in the following editions:

Limited Edition - Exclusive: This option allows you to sell a limited number of framed and unframed art prints for each format size available. Prints are numbered and signed. Limited Edition prints sell at a higher price, which means bigger royalties for you.

Open Edition - Exclusive: This option allows you to sell an unlimited number of products exclusively on Ayok’a. You earn higher royalties than on Non-Exclusive sales, with no limit on how many you can sell.

Open Edition - Non-Exclusive: This option allows you to sell an unlimited number of products on Ayok’a as well as anywhere else you’d like.

A detailed list of our commission structure is available on request for vetted artists.

Your earnings are payable 30 days after the sale date and are transferred to your PayPal account every month. If you live in a country where PayPal is not available, we’ll use an alternative payment method.



You always own the copyright to your work. We protect your artwork: when you send us your artwork, we create a reduced quality version for use on the site. The full sized, original image - which we use to create the products – is not accessible from the site.



Once you become part of our community of artists, you get access to a guide detailing the file requirements for all our products. 


You have the right to cancel any artwork (or indeed your entire account) with us at any time.

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